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Review of climate change impacts on dam safety and flood mitigation issues in India
Published in Central Board of Irrigation and Power
Volume: 62r
Issue: 9
Pages: 60 - 66
India currently has 5264 large dams in operation and 437 large dams under construction. Many of these dams do not match the emerging hydro-meteorological, hydraulic aspects. Safety of these dams is important to prevent collapse triggered by climate change effects. The increase in inflows to dams due to cloud bursts may cause dam safety concerns due to enhanced hydrodynamic forces. The main focus of this review is to get an insight into the events of cloud burst and GLOF which threaten dam safety. There are 65 completed and 11 under construction dams in India in the category of "Dams of National Importance" of which 22\% of the completed projects are older than 25 years. The review on failure due to cloud burst on few dams nationally and internationally has been done. The behaviour of Tehri Dam and Nathpa Jhakri dam in the past during the Cloud burst and GLOF occurrences and the importance to have a storage capacity for the hydel dams has been discussed along with the discussion on the necessity to increase the spillway capacity of Matatila dam. The scientific tools for conducting incisive case studies are highlighted to develop adaptive measures to deal with the resulting circumstances. © 2019, Central Board of Irrigation and Power. All rights reserved.
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Published in Central Board of Irrigation and Power
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