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Electrodeposition of δ-phase based Cu–Sn mirror alloy from sulfate-aqueous electrolyte for solar reflector application
S. Alex, B. Basu, S. Sengupta, , K. Chattopadhyay
Published in Elsevier Ltd
Volume: 109
Pages: 1003 - 1010
Copper–tin (Cu–Sn) intermetallic alloy coating was developed on mild steel substrate by galvanostatic electrodeposition technique from sulfate-based acidic electrolyte containing Laprol as additive. The homogenous coating containing cubic δ phase with composition of 32.6% Sn was obtained, when a current of −8.5 mA was made to flow through the electrochemical bath. The optimized coating with thickness of ∼0.4–3 μm exhibits ∼80% specular reflectance. The coating has a hardness of 2.6 GPa, suggesting a good scratch resistance property. The experimental results also suggest that the hydrophobic surface of Cu–32.6% Sn thin film can be potentially used as an attractive coating for solar reflector application under dusty and humid conditions. © 2016
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