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Steam gasification with torrefaction as pretreatment to enhance syngas production from mixed food waste
Singh D.,
Published in Elsevier Ltd
Volume: 9
Issue: 1
In this work, the steam gasification of mixed food waste was carried out with torrefaction as pretreatment. Torrefaction was carried out at various temperatures; 230 °C, 260 °C, and 290 °C and for one-hour residence time. Improvement in physico-chemical properties of food waste by torrefaction was studied using proximate, elemental, and compositional analysis. Additionally, the effect of torrefaction on mass yield, energy yield, mass density and energy density was presented. Gasification was then carried out using torrefied food waste as biomass with steam as a gasification agent at 700 °C. The steam flow rate was kept at 0.625 mL/min with a steam to biomass ratio of 1.25. The resulting syngas was characterized for syngas yield, syngas composition, H2yield, and high heating value (HHV). It was found that syngas yield and H2field varied from 0.95 to 3.49 m3/Kg and 0.6 to 2.15 m3/Kg respectively from gasification of food waste torrefied at different temperatures. The highest HHV of syngas was found to be 12.19 MJ/Nm3. Cold gas efficiency and carbon conversion efficiency were also determined to evaluate the performance of proposed pretreatment on steam gasification. © 2020 Georg Thieme Verlag. All rights reserved.
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