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Performance evaluation of aspect ratio of submerged vanes
U.P. Gupta, , C.S.P. Ojha
Published in
Volume: 64
Issue: 2
Pages: 20 - 26
Submerged vanes are submerged foils of low height (H) and higher length (L) structures, which are constructed in river at an angle of attack to the flow to modify the near-bed flow pattern and redistribute flow and sediment transport within the channel cross-section. The aspect ratio of submerged vane is defined as H/L. The aspect ratio of submerged vane is one of the most important parameters which influences the generation of strength of vane induced secondary circulation. At 2.5H downstream of vane, dimensionless moment of momentum MOM*, MOM**, MOM*** increase with the reduction in aspect ratios of submerged vane. The strength of vortex induced by vane among three values of aspect ratios such as 0.25, 0.33 and 0.50, is maximum at lowest aspect ratio 0.25. At lowest aspect ratio, the maximum value of vane-induced strength of vortex led to the increased deposition of sediments (dike). Generation vortex starts right from the leading edge and it is amplified till it reaches the trailing edge of submerged vane due to increase in vane length.
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