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Integrated land and water resources management system (ILWRMS)
W.-A. Flügel, C. Busch,
Published in Springer India
Pages: 67 - 70
The comprehensive integrated system analysis (ISA), modelling studies, spatial analysis of water balance components, and the integrated socioeconomic analysis and scenario evaluation discussed in the previous chapters must be made available to local actors, decision makers, and planners as otherwise they will be stand-alone information with little value for sustainable integrated land and water resources management (ILWRM). This research challenge was addressed by the development of an ILWRMS based on the sophisticated integrated land management system and the ILMS info data information system applied as one of the ILMS components. This component was enhanced by complement software developments and modelling toward an ILWRMS. It should be noted, however, that the system presented in brief herein is under a continuous development by integrating demands and requirements identified by users of the system in various applied research projects. © Springer India 2015.
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Published in Springer India
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