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Enhancing utility of submerged vanes with collar
U.P. Gupta, C.S.P. Ojha,
Published in
Volume: 136
Issue: 9
Pages: 651 - 655
Submerged vanes are submerged foils of low height and larger length, constructed in a river at an angle of attack α to the flow to modify the near-bed flow pattern and redistribute flow and sediment transport within the channel cross section. At a Froude number (F) of 0.13, the local scour development around the submerged vane without a collar was not enough to dislodge the vane whereas at F=0.25, there was a significant local scour hole around the vane and the vane was dislodged. With the introduction of a collar at the leading edge of a submerged vane, the scour depth at the leading edge of the vane was reduced to zero. A collar of circular shape was found more suitable for a rectangular vane. Recommendations for sizing collars at two values of F are given. The optimal α for a rectangular vane with a collar was found close to 40°. The study clearly indicates the advantages of using collars in case of submerged vanes and provides insight into selection of appropriate collar shapes. © 2010 ASCE.
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