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Design, implementation and testing of an electromagnetic levitation system
S. Banerjee, , J. Pal
Published in
Volume: 89
Issue: JUNE
Pages: 9 - 16
This paper describe the design principle of a dc attraction type electromagnetic suspension system where a hollow steel cylinder of 658 g mass is levitated under a fixed I-core (solenoid type) electromagnet with a single degree-of-freedom. Electromagnet exhibits non-linear force against distance characteristics and hence, this controller has been designed by using linear small perturbation model of the magnet at the desired operating point. In all previously reported papers 1-3 the system design has been done by considering a suitable voltage source as the exciting input to the magnet coil. In the present work, over all system order reduction has been tried by taking a controlled current source as the excitation for the magnet coil. The resulting system is simpler and has second order transfer function. The present work also reports a very simple power electronic converter suitable for this scheme of levitation. The proposed circuit uses only one power switch in contrast to commonly used asymmetrical H-bridge type converter4. The present circuit, though less energy efficient compared to the asymmetrical bridge converter will be quite cost effective for low power applications. The prototype has been successfully tested and levitation demonstrated.
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