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Comparative study on analysis of barrage raft by Hetenyi's method and FEM
A.D. Pandey, , K. Venkatesh, M.D. Kulkarni
Published in
Volume: 62
Issue: 1
Pages: 40 - 47
The study attempts to undertake a comparison of methods of analysis for raft foundation of a barrage especially involving two methods, viz., Hetenyi's beams on elastic foundation method and Finite Element Method (FEM). In the analysis of barrage raft, moments at different discrete points along the raft of barrage have been calculated by Hetenyi's method and FEM, and their comparison has been made for typical representative cases only considering flow and no flow conditions incorporating earthquake loads as pseudo-static loads. Significant differences have been observed in the moments as obtained by the two methods. The end of the barrage raft where pier is located, the Hetenyi's method gives positive moments while FEM has yielded negative moments. It has also been observed from the results that Hetenyi's method of analysis may not be always on conservative side in comparison to FEM. The comparative analyses indicate that the IS 11130-1984 recommendation regarding Hetenyi's method (Beams on elastic foundation) merits further in vestigation.
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