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Applied geoinformatics for sustainable integrated land and water resources management (ILWRM) in the Brahmaputra River Basin: Results from the ec-project Brahmatwinn
, W.-A. Flügel
Published in Springer India
Pages: 1 - 70
The central theme of this book is focused on the analyses and the results which emerged from the international research project BRAHMATWINN sponsored by European Commission (EC) and conducted during 2006 - 2009. The book highlights the achievements of BRAHMATWINN to carry out a harmonised integrated water resources management (IWRM) approach as addressed by the European Water Initiative (EWI) in headwater river systems of alpine mountain massifs. The latter are already impacted from climate change, and the BRAHMATWINN project established transfer of professional IWRM expertise, approaches and tools based on case studies carried out in twinning European and Asian river basins. The project addresses all important IWRM issues in a balanced way, including conflict resolution in the trans- boundary Danube and Brahmaputra River Basins in Europe and South Asia respectively. This book will be useful to researchers, professionals, managers and decision makers associated with study and application of sustainable integrated land and water resources management (ILWRM) in the backdrop of climate change. © Springer India 2015.
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