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Analytical solution of free radical polymerization: Applications-implementing nonisothermal effect
, C.A. Serra, Y. Hoarau, D. Parida, M. Bouquey, R. Muller
Published in American Chemical Society
Volume: 47
Issue: 24
Pages: 8514 - 8523
Analytical solution (AS), as derived in our previous works for isothermal free radical polymerization (FRP), has been extended to nonisothermal conditions in this work. Only one differential equation, i.e., the energy balance equation, was required to calculate temperature profile by stiff solver using AS as input values. The results were compared against numerical solution (NS) of the complete set of ordinary differential equations (ODE) of FRP, 11 ODE for full set of equations (FRP-Full), and 8 ODE for quasi steady state approximation (FRP-QSSA). Two different models, namely Chiu, Carratt, and Soong (CCS) and Achilias and Kiparissides (AK), for implementing the gel/glass/cage effect, were also considered. The results were validated against published results and were found to be in excellent agreement, as well as with NS for all conditions taken. This work proved the versatility, flexibility, and adaptability of AS under all conditions (except for low temperatures) and with various models to simulate gel/glass/cage effect along with nonisothermal conditions. © 2014 American Chemical Society.
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Published in American Chemical Society
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