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A study of different possible switched modi chopper circuits for multi-magnet based DC electromagnetic levitation system
S. Banerjee, , J. Pal
Published in
Pages: 607 - 611
In this paper an overview of power amplifier for multi-magnet based DC electromagnetic levitation system has been presented. The general requirement of power amplifier for levitation system has been described. The proposed multi-magnet based single axis levitation scheme has been described in brief. Different possible switched mode power circuits for the multi-magnet based electromagnetic levitation system have been discussed and a comparative study has been made of the different topologies of power amplifiers based on their structure and practical results that derived from the proposed experimental set-up. In the actual work design, fabrication and testing of multimagnet based electromagnetic levitation scheme has been made as a complete project. But in this paper the emphasis is given on the power amplifier portion due to limitation of space. © 2007 IEEE.
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