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A simple hardware realization of switching table based direct torque control of induction motor
B.P. Panigrahi, , S. SenGupta
Published in
Volume: 77
Issue: 2
Pages: 181 - 190
A simple hardware realization of direct torque control (DTC) scheme for fast control of induction motor torque has been presented. The proposed hardware scheme mimics the conventional switching table based DTC scheme and does not require use of any online fast computing device like microprocessor, PC or DSP. The controller uses only commonly used discrete hardware components. The experimental results of the proposed hardware implementation have been presented and supported with simulation results. Another alternate hardware scheme without using the switching table has also been proposed and the experimental results of both the schemes have been compared and found to be in agreement with each other. © 2006 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.
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