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Wave propagation characteristics in anisotropically conducting dielectric loaded tape helix slow wave structures
, Stanislaus R.J., Joshi S.
Published in IEEE Computer Society
Pages: 327 - 328
The practically important case of dielectric loaded tape helix enclosed in a perfectly conducting coaxial conductor is analysed in this paper. The dispersion equation for the infinitesimally thin and anisotropically conducting tape is derived from an exact solution of a homogeneous boundary value problem for Maxwell's equation. The boundary value problem is solved to yield the dispersion equation which takes the form of the solvability condition viz., the determinant of the infinite-order coefficient matrix is zero. For the numerical computation of the approximate dispersion characteristics, all the entries of the symmetrically truncated version of the coefficient matrix are estimated by summing an adequate number of the rapidly converging series for them. The numerical computation of dispersion characteristics and phase speed variations for different values of b/a (outer conductor to inner helix radius) and effective dielectric permittivity is presented. © 2014 IEEE.
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Published in IEEE Computer Society
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