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Vector-like compositeness meets B-physics RK(*) anomaly
Published in Sissa Medialab Srl
Volume: 318
We have discussed the possibility where the observed deviations in the b → sµ+µ− data including the variables RK(*) are addressed, in the context of vectorlike compositeness (or so called hypercolor). Major virtues of this type of scenario are as follows: (i) The theory is manifestly gauge anomaly free; (ii) A desirable form in flavor-changing interactions is naturally realized by exchanges of the hypercolor vector ρ mesons, which are composite spin-1 particles being analogous to the vector ρ mesons in the quantum chromodynamics. We can address the RK(*) anomaly consistently, while negligible effects happen in the observables RRD(*) due to the structure of a global symmetry in the scenario. © Copyright owned by the author(s) under the terms of the Creative Commons.
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Published in Sissa Medialab Srl
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