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The correlation between electroluminescence properties and the microstructure of Europium-implanted MOS light emitting diodes
L. Rebohle, J. Lehmann, , S. Prucnal, A. Nazarov, I. Tyagulskii, W. Skorupa, M. Helm
Published in
Volume: 267
Issue: 8-9
Pages: 1324 - 1327
In this work we investigated the correlation between the EL, the electrical properties and the microstructure of Eu-implanted MOS light emitting devices. The EL spectrum shows a red EL line centered at 618 nm which is usually assigned to Eu3+ and a broad blue-green EL band attributed to Eu2+. It was found that the red EL is favored by low injection currents, low Eu concentrations, lower anneal temperatures and shorter anneal times, especially for flash lamp annealing. These properties are correlated with microstructural changes triggered by ion implantation and annealing, especially with the formation and ripening of Eu or Eu oxide clusters which strongly quench the red EL. Finally, the influence of Eu agglomerations at the injecting interface on the electrical properties of the light emitter is discussed. © 2009 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.
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