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The Calculus of Finance

Published in Universities Press

This book is broadly about the mathematical aspects of finance. It introduces the reader to the basic concepts and products of modern finance and explores various mathematical models dealing with quantification of risk, which form the backbone of modern financial analysis. The emphasis is not so much on the details of the financial world as the basic principles by which one seeks an understanding of it. No prior knowledge of economics or finance is called for—an exposure to basic calculus and probability is all that is required of the reader. The appendix covers this ground in fair detail and would itself serve as a comprehensive primer of mathematics for finance for a beginner. The book is peppered with examples that use real-life data to ground the theory covered in the book. The exercises to be worked out are also interspersed in the text—their purpose varies from simple practice in applying formulas to extending the ideas learnt to new situations. Solutions to all the exercise problems are included as Appendix C, a feature that will be welcomed by both students and faculty. The book will serve well as an introductory book on applied mathematics in finance, of interest to students of mathematics, finance and financial management. For those starting out as practitioners of mathematical finance, this is an ideal introduction.

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Published in Universities Press
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