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Technology-integrated Pedagogy, Learning Outcomes and Retention: Can Public–Private Partnerships Play a Role in Primary Education in India?
Bandyopadhyay S.,
Published in SAGE Publications Ltd
We undertake a case study on the SHIKSHA initiative in Uttar Pradesh in Northern India to understand how impactful the technology-integrated pedagogy through public–private partnerships (PPP) in education has been on the learning outcomes of students. A content analysis to understand the processes adopted by the SHIKSHA initiative is attempted. The digitized curriculum developed is found to be contextualized in accordance with the background of students, which can be aligned with constructivist learning theory. We also attempt a quantitative analysis to estimate the impact of these pedagogical practices on learning outcomes. The analysis finds that the average scores of schools with SHIKSHA interventions are higher by 58 percentage points. Also, under SHIKSHA, a 15-day period was given to the students for revision of the courses with the active participation of the teachers. The average scores after these revisions record an improvement as compared to the average scores before revisions. The paper suggests that the digitization of content by the government or through PPPs can help boost effective learning. JEL codes: C120, H520, I200, I210, I220, I280 © 2022 SAGE Publications India Pvt. Ltd.
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