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Synthesis, characterization and biological applications of pyrazole moiety bearing osmium(IV) complexes
Bharat Pursuwani H., Bhupesh Bhatt S., Dilip Raval B., Vasudev Thakkar R., , Chandramani Pathak, Mohan Patel N.
Published in
Volume: 40
Issue: 6
Pages: 593 - 618
Osmium (IV) complexes with pyrazole nucleus containing ligands were synthesized. Os(IV) compounds were characterized using ESI-MS, ICP-OES, IR spectroscopy, electronic spectroscopy, conductance and magnetic measurements. Whereas, ligands were characterized by heteronuclear spectroscopy, (1H and 13C), IR spectroscopy and elemental analysis. All the compounds were tested for their potential to interact with HS-DNA by absorption titration, fluorescence spectroscopy, viscosity measurement and docking study. The quenching constant and Stern Volmer constant values were calculated using fluorescence study. The synthesized compounds were studied for in-vitro bacteriostatic and cytotoxic activities. The cancer cell line studies of all the synthesized complexes were carried out on human lung cancer cells (A549). Supplemental data for this article is available online at https://doi.org/10.1080/15257770.2021.1921795.
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