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Sustainability of Cloud Based Smart Society

Dimpal Tomar, , Jai Prakash Bhati, Pradeep Tomar
Published in IGI Global

Today, everything is progressing to ‘Smart' to enhance the environment via technological progress including IoT, big data, AI, ICT, and so on. But, in this whole process, the sustainability of being ‘smart' is implemented by the cloud-based technology, which also acts as an engine. Smart society is another live example of this era that makes potential use of digital technology and sensor devices to improve people's lives through the internet. It also incorporates cloud computing, which significantly benefits them by offering a sustainable environment to access the computing power at large scale, which they could not previously access due to lack of resources. This chapter provide a broad overview of smart society that covers the scope and services, technological pillars, features necessities to be titled as ‘smart', and a sustainable development. Also, it broadly covers the role of cloud computing, related technologies, and generic architecture for the sustainability of smart societies followed by applications with a case study and challenges.

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Published in IGI Global
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