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Strategising innovations in rural housing using bamboo
S. Chugh, Valentino, P. Sinha, B. Pandey, , P. Sudhakar
Published in
Volume: 30
Issue: 3
Pages: 291 - 306
Bamboo as a substitute to timber, in housing, has occupied the attention of researchers due to concerns of deforestation and the consequent impact on environment. The use of bamboo as a load distributor is well accepted in rural areas. Replacing timber with bamboo as a structural load bearing element could have far reaching consequences for rural housing. This in turn would have implications for greening wastelands and earning carbon credits. However, introduction of innovations is more than a technology issue. The paper deals with a possible approach which could entail acceptability and sustainability of the innovation. Based on field inputs from the State of Jharkhand, the study brings to light that, for better acceptance, it is preferable that minimal changes are introduced in the existing houses, only on those aspects, where constraints and limitations are felt. Thus, going in for a totally new model of innovative housing is not a preferred option. The present paper proposes a participatory approach involving awareness building, through grassroots organisation, supported with skill development to transfer the technology in the rural housing structure.
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