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Simultaneous interpretation of K and B anomalies in terms of chiral-flavorful vectors
S. Matsuzaki, , K. Yamamoto
Published in Springer Verlag
Volume: 2018
Issue: 11
We address the presently reported significant flavor anomalies in the Kaon and B meson systems such as the CP violating Kaon decay (ϵ′/ϵ) and lepton-flavor universality violation in B meson decays (RK(*),RD(*)), by proposing flavorful and chiral vector bosons as the new physics constitution at around TeV scale. The chiral-flavorful vectors (CFVs) are introduced as a 63-plet of the global SU(8) symmetry, identified as the one-family symmetry for left-handed quarks and leptons in the standard model (SM) forming the 8-dimensional vector. Thus the CFVs include massive gluons, vector leptoquarks, and W′, Z′-type bosons, which are allowed to have flavorful couplings with left-handed quarks and leptons, and flavor-universal couplings to right-handed ones, where the latter arises from mixing with the SM gauge bosons. The flavor texture is assumed to possess a “minimal” structure to be consistent with the current flavor measurements on the K and B systems. Among the presently reported significant flavor anomalies in the Kaon and B meson systems (ϵ′/ϵ, RK(*),RD(*)), the first two ϵ′/ϵ and RK(*) anomalies can simultaneously be interpreted by the presence of CFVs; the RD(*) anomaly is predicted not to survive, due to the approximate SU(8) flavor symmetry. Remarkably, we find that as long as both of the ϵ′/ϵ and RK(*) anomalies persist beyond the SM, the CFVs predict the enhanced K+→ π+νν¯ and KL→ π0νν¯ decay rates compared to the SM values, which will readily be explored by the NA62 and KOTO experiments, and they will also be explored in new resonance searches at the Large Hadron Collider. © 2018, The Author(s).
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