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Simultaneous explanation of K and B anomalies in vectorlike compositeness
S. Matsuzaki, , K. Yamamoto
Published in Sissa Medialab Srl
Volume: 347
We address the presently reported significant flavor anomalies in the K and B meson systems such as the CP violating Kaon decay (ε′/ε) and lepton-flavor universality violation in B meson decays (RK(∗), and also commenting RD(∗)), by proposing flavorful and chiral vector bosons as the new physics constitution at ∼ 1TeV. Interestingly, if the new (composite) vector bosons are quite heavier than ∼ 1TeV, we face a difficulty in addressing the anomaly in ε′/ε consistently with the constraint from the K0-K0 mixing. Both of the anomalies can be addressed within 1σ confidence levels individually, where the relevant parameter space will be investigated by the NA62 and KOTO experiments, in addition to direct searches at the large hadron collider. © Copyright owned by the author(s) under the terms of the Creative Commons.
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Published in Sissa Medialab Srl
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