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Selection of suitable model for the supercritical fluid extraction of carrot seed oil: A parametric study
, Khanam S.
Published in Academic Press
Volume: 119
To investigate suitable model for supercritical fluid extraction of carrot seed oil, different mathematical models are selected from literature and solved using COMSOL Multiphysics software. Operating parameters such as pressure, temperature, solvent flow rate, and addition of co-solvent are varied in ranges as 200–400 bar, 50–70 °C, 5–15 g/min, and 0–10 wt\%, respectively. Solvent and solid phase mass transfer coefficients, easily accessible oil content and equilibrium constant are considered as tuning parameters to fit the model with experimental data. Oil yield is increased with pressure (400 bar) and temperature (70 °C) whereas, its value is highest at the solvent flow rate of 10 g/min, and co-solvent of 5 wt\%. Thus, these values of parameters are considered as optimum points. © 2019 Elsevier Ltd
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Published in Academic Press
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