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Recognizing facial expressions using novel motion based features
, B. Vamshi, K.V.S.V.K. Reddy, R.V. Krishna, S.V.S. Harish
Published in Association for Computing Machinery
This paper introduces two novel motion based features for recognizing human facial expressions. The proposed motion features are applied for recognizing facial expressions from a video sequence. The proposed bag-of-words based scheme represents each frame of a video sequence as a vector depicting local motion patterns during a facial expression. The local motion patterns are captured by an efficient derivation from optical flow. Motion features are clustered and stored as words in a dictionary. We further generate a reduced dictionary by ranking the words based on some ambiguity measure. We prune out the ambiguous words and continue with key words in the reduced dictionary. The ambiguity measure is given by applying a graph-based technique, where each word is represented as a node in the graph. Ambiguity measures are obtained by modelling the frequency of occurrence of the word during the expression. We form expression descriptors for each expression from the reduced dictionary, by applying an efficient kernel. The training of the expression descriptors are made following an adaptive learning technique. We tested the proposed approach with standard dataset. The proposed approach shows better accuracy compared to the state-of-the-art. © 2016 ACM.
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Published in Association for Computing Machinery
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