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Photocytotoxicity of copper(II) complexes of curcumin and N-ferrocenylmethyl-l-amino acids
Tridib Goswami K., Sudarshan Gadadhar, , Anjali Karande A., Akhil Chakravarty R.
Published in
Volume: 63
Pages: 800 - 810
Copper(II) complexes [Cu(Fc-aa)(cur)] (1-3) of curcumin (Hcur) and N-ferrocenylmethyl-l-amino acids (Fc-aa), viz., ferrocenylmethyl-l-tyrosine (Fc-TyrH), ferrocenylmethyl-l-tryptophan (Fc-TrpH) and ferrocenylmethyl-l- methionine (Fc-MetH), were prepared and characterized. The DNA photocleavage activity, photocytotoxicity and cellular localization in HeLa and MCF-7 cancer cells of these complexes were studied. Acetylacetonate (acac) complexes [Cu(Fc-aa)(acac)] (4-6) were prepared and used as controls. The chemical nuclease inactive complexes showed efficient pUC19 DNA cleavage activity in visible light. Complexes 1-3 showed high photocytotoxicity with low dark toxicity thus giving remarkable photodynamic effect. FACScan analysis showed apoptosis of the cancer cells. Fluorescence microscopic studies revealed primarily cytosolic localization of the complexes. {\textcopyright} 2013 Elsevier Masson SAS. All rights reserved.
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