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Non-minimal Universal Extra Dimensions with Brane Local Terms: The top quark sector
A. Datta, , S. Niyogi
Published in
Volume: 2014
Issue: 1
We study the physics of Kaluza-Klein (KK) top quarks in the framework of a non-minimal Universal Extra Dimension (nmUED) with an orbifolded (S 1 /Z 2) flat extra spatial dimension in the presence of brane-localized terms (BLTs). In general, BLTs affect the masses and the couplings of the KK excitations in a non-trivial way including those for the KK top quarks. On top of that, BLTs also influence the mixing of the top quark chiral states at each KK level and trigger mixings among excitations from different levels with identical KK parity (even or odd). The latter phenomenon of mixing of KK levels is not present in the popular UED scenario known as the minimal UED (mUED) at the tree level. Of particular interest are the mixings among the KK top quarks from level '0' and level '2' (driven by the mass of the Standard Model (SM) top quark). These open up new production modes in the form of single production of a KK top quark and the possibility of its direct decays to SM particles leading to rather characteristic signals at the colliders. Experimental constraints and the restrictions they impose on the nmUED parameter space are discussed. The scenario is implemented in MadGraph 5 by including the quark, lepton, the gauge-boson and the Higgs sectors up to the second KK level. A few benchmark scenarios are chosen for preliminary studies of the decay patterns of the KK top quarks and their production rates at the LHC in various different modes. Recast of existing experimental analyzes in scenarios having similar states is found to be not so straightforward for the KK top quarks of the nmUED scenario under consideration. © 2014 The Author(s).
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