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N-InAs nanopyramids fully integrated into silicon
S. Prucnal, S. Facsko, C. Baumgart, H. Schmidt, M.O. Liedke, L. Rebohle, A. Shalimov, H. Reuther, , A. MücklichShow More
Published in
PMID: 21644567
Volume: 11
Issue: 7
Pages: 2814 - 2818
InAs with an extremely high electron mobility (up to 40000 cm2/V s) seems to be the most suitable candidate for better electronic devices performance. Here we present a synthesis of inverted crystalline InAs nanopyramids (NPs) in silicon using a combined hot ion implantation and millisecond flash lamp annealing techniques. Conventional selective etching was used to form the InAs/Si heterojunction. The current-voltage measurement confirms the heterojunction diode formation with the ideality factor of η = 4.6. Kelvin probe force microscopy measurements indicate a type-II band alignment of n-type InAs NPs on p-type silicon. The main advantage of our method is its integration with large-scale silicon technology, which also allows applying it for Si-based electronic devices. © 2011 American Chemical Society.
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