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Multiple kernel learning for image indexing
E. Hassan, S. Chaudhury,
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Pages: 353 - 358
The paper presents a novel framework for learning the hash functions for indexing through Multiple Kernel Learning. The Distance Based Hashing function is applied which does the object projection to hash space by preserving inter object distances. In recent works, the kernel matrix has been proved to be more accurate representation of similarity in various recognition problems. Our framework learns the optimal kernel for hashing by parametrized linear combination of base kernels. A novel application of Genetic Algorithm for the optimization of kernel combination parameters is presented. We also define new texture based feature representation for images. Our proposed framework can also be applied for optimal combination of multiple sources for indexing. The evaluation of the proposed framework is presented for CIFAR-10 dataset 1 by applying individual and combination of different features. Additionally, the primary experimental results with MNIST dataset2 is also presented. © 2010 ACM.
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