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Multiphase flow and its effects on localized corrosion in regions with abrupt inclination changes
, D. Vedapuri, J. Laws
Published in National Assoc. of Corrosion Engineers International
Volume: 2000-March
A 0.1-m ID acrylic pipe, with four 36-inch radius 90° sweep, clear PVC bends test facility has been constructed to allow for visualization of flow characteristics in hilly terrain and topographies with short elevation changes. The height of the riser and crossing length is 5 meters. A detailed visualization of multiphase flow regimes and flow characteristics using water-carbon dioxide mixtures has been carried out. Visual observations of enhanced turbulence regions were noted and characteristics were noted at different velocities for nine locations along the system. ER probes are used to monitor corrosion rates in the first two bends where elevated turbulence was noted. Corrosion rates observed in the bends are compared to previous rates recorded in horizontal pipelines under similar operating conditions. © 2000 by NACE International.
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Published in National Assoc. of Corrosion Engineers International
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