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Mel frequency cepstral coefficients based text independent Automatic Speaker Recognition using matlab
Singh A.K., , Dwivedi A.
Published in IEEE Computer Society
Pages: 524 - 527
Speech feature extraction is the most significant step in any Automatic speaker recognition system. In the last 60 years a lot of research has gone into parametric representation of these speech features. Several techniques are currently being used for Automatic Speaker Recognition. Yet Automatic Speaker Recognition still remains a confront mainly due to variations in speaker's vocal tract with time and health, varying environmental conditions, disparities in the behavior and quality of speech recorders etc. MFCC is a extensively used technique in Automatic speaker recognition. In this paper the performance of MFCC technique was evaluated in a quiet environment. A speaker database containing 30 male and 30 female speakers was created. Two separate experiments were conducted for the performance evaluation of MFCC technique when applied to K means clustering. In the first case the speech features were directly matched. In the second case a VQ codebook was created by clustering the training features of these 60 speakers. A distortion easure based on the minimum Euclidean distance was used for speaker recognition. The failure rate of speaker recognition in first ase was found to be was found to be 10\% while in the second case as found to be 14\%. Matlab-7.10.0 was used for this study © 2014 IEEE.
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Published in IEEE Computer Society
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