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Local incentive compatibility with transfers
D. Mishra, , S. Roy
Published in Academic Press Inc.
Volume: 100
Pages: 149 - 165
We consider locally incentive compatible mechanisms with deterministic allocation rules and transfers with quasilinear utility. We identify a rich class of type spaces, which includes the single peaked type space, where local incentive compatibility does not imply incentive compatibility. Our main result shows that in such type spaces, a mechanism is locally incentive compatible and payment-only incentive compatible if and only if it is incentive compatible. Payment-only incentive compatibility requires that a mechanism that generates the same allocation at two types must have the same payment at those two types. Our result works on a class of ordinal type spaces, which are generated by considering a set of ordinal preferences over alternatives and then considering all non-negative type vectors representing such preferences. © 2016 Elsevier Inc.
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Published in Academic Press Inc.
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