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Jacobi crossover ensembles of random matrices and statistics of transmission eigenvalues
, A. Pandey
Published in
Volume: 43
Issue: 8
We study the transition in conductance properties of chaotic mesoscopic cavities as time-reversal symmetry is broken. We consider the Brownian motion model for transmission eigenvalues for both types of transitions, namely, orthogonal-unitary and symplectic-unitary crossovers depending on the presence or absence of spin-rotation symmetry of the electron. In both cases the crossover is governed by a Brownian motion parameter τ, which measures the extent of time-reversal symmetry breaking. It is shown that the results obtained correspond to the Jacobi crossover ensembles of random matrices. We derive the level density and the correlation functions of higher orders for the transmission eigenvalues. We also obtain the exact expressions for the average conductance, average shot-noise power and variance of conductance, as functions of τ, for the arbitrary number of modes (channels) in the two leads connected to the cavity. Moreover, we give the asymptotic result for the variance of shot-noise power for both the crossovers, the exact results being too long. In the τ → 0 and τ → ∞ limits, the known results for the orthogonal (or symplectic) and unitary ensembles are reproduced. In the weak time-reversal symmetry breaking regime, our results are shown to be in agreement with the semiclassical predictions. © 2010 IOP Publishing Ltd.
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