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Insect pests associated with nurseries of selected tree crops in Kerala.
Varma A B, Sudhakara K, Bhaskar Beena,
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Pages: 468 - 473
Pests observed in an experimental nursery raised in the Kerala Agricultural University campus, are documented. Out of the seven tree species raised in the nursery, Tectona grandis, Albizia falcataria [Paraserianthes falcataria], Swietenia macrophylla and Ailanthus triphysa suffered greater pest damage. Most damage was caused by leaf feeding and root feeding insects, such as Hyblaea puera, Eligma narcissus and Eurema blanda, the latter causing heavy defoliation of P. falcataria. Chemical control methods using quinalphos, phorate or carbofuran were effective in containing the pests.
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