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Influence of various internal components on slosh dynamics: A study using finite element method
, B.C. Khoo, A. Kumar, K.P. Sinhamahapatra
Published in
Volume: 37
Issue: 4
Pages: 359 - 381
The dynamic behavior of liquids in moving containers is a fascinating subject that has attracted the attention of geophysicists, seismologists, engineers, mathematicians and other scientific workers for many years. One of the design issues of the liquid-tank system is the sloshing phenomenon where internal fluid may result in severe damage to the containment system. The slosh dynamics of liquid storage tanks can be strongly influenced by the presence of internal submerged components. The internal components can modify the dynamic characteristics of the liquid tank systems to an advantage. The use of baffles as anti-slosh device is a quite well known example. The baffles cause a variation in the fundamental frequency of liquid oscillations by effectively changing the tank geometry. This paper describes the numerical assessment of lateral sloshing forces developed within liquid filled tanks with various internal components. The main contribution in this paper is that how the slosh dynamics of liquid filled container gets affected due to presence of multiple submerged block and baffle over a partition wall which is still dearth in open literature. © 2010 Begell House, Inc.
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