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Identification and functional characterization of a bacterial homologue of Zeta toxin in Leishmania donovani
Srivastava A., Garg S., Jain R., Ayana R., Kaushik H., Garg L., , Singh S.
Published in Wiley Blackwell
PMID: 31074836
Volume: 593
Issue: 11
Pages: 1223 - 1235
Zeta-toxin is a cognate toxin of epsilon antitoxin of prokaryotic Type II toxin-antitoxin system (TA) and play an important role in cell death. An orthologue of bacterial-zeta-toxin (BzT) was identified in Leishmania donovani with similar structural and functional features. Leishmania zeta-toxin (named Ld_ζ1) harboring similar UNAG and ATP-binding pockets showed UNAG kinase and ATP-binding activity. An active Ld_ζ1 was found to express in infective extracellular promastigotes stage of L. donovani and episomal overexpression of an active Ld_ζ1domain-triggered cell death. This study demonstrates the presence of prokaryotic-like-zeta-toxin in eukaryotic parasite Leishmania and its association with cell death. Conceivably, phosphorylated UNAG or analogues, the biochemical mimics of zeta-toxin function mediating cell death can act as a novel anti-leishmanial chemotherapeutics. © 2019 Federation of European Biochemical Societies
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Published in Wiley Blackwell
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