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Higgs at ILC in universal extra dimensions in light of recent LHC data
T. Kakuda, , K.-Y. Oda, N. Okuda, R. Watanabe
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We present bounds on all the known universal extra dimension models from the latest Higgs search data at the Large Hadron Collider, taking into account the Kaluza-Klein (KK) loop effects on the dominant gluon-fusion production and on the diphoton/digluon decay. The lower bound on the KK scale is from 500GeV to 1TeV depending on the model. We find that the Higgs production cross section with subsequent diphoton decay can be enhanced by a factor 1.5 within this experimental bound, with little dependence on the Higgs mass in between 115GeV and 130GeV. We also show that in such a case the Higgs decay branching ratio into a diphoton final state can be suppressed by a factor 80%, which is marginally observable at a high energy/luminosity option at the International Linear Collider. The Higgs production cross section at a photon-photon collider can also be suppressed by a similar factor 90%, being well within the expected experimental reach.
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