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Fusion of navigation technology and e-learning systems for on-the-spot learning
S. Tiwari,
Published in
Volume: 2012
Issue: 614 CP
Huge information is inherently associated with certain places in the globe. The ancient cities have multiple locations with large historical, geographical, cultural and architectural specialties. E-Learning systems allow the learners to learn irrespective of their time and place. The location based learning (LBL) is another aspect where the site seeing, and touching the building walls are the means of real-time experience of the sites. This manifestation motivates us to extend the capabilities of conventional E-learning systems so that the information can be accessed at the real-time based on the user's location. In this paper, the e-Learning system is used for the LBL with the help of navigation capabilities without modifying the existing systems. The learning content geocoding, reverse-geocoding, and real-time learning plan generation based on the user preferences and constraints have been proposed. The on-the-way learning is another aspect of the LBL that has been proposed with a prototype implementation. The implemented system is a flexible and visually appealing LBL platform with a possibility to get the real-time location specific information both from webdatabases and locally stored content.
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