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Finite element analysis of second order wave radiation by a group of cylinders in the time domain
C.-Z. Wang, , H.-C. Huang, B.-C. Khoo
Published in
Volume: 25
Issue: 3
Pages: 348 - 361
A finite element based numerical method is employed to analyze the wave radiation by multiple or a group of cylinders in the time domain. The nonlinear free surface and body surface boundary conditions are satisfied based on the perturbation method up to the second order. The first- and second-order velocity potential problems at each time step are solved through a Finite Element Method (FEM). The matrix equation of the FEM is solved through iteration and the initial solution is obtained from the result at the previous time step. The three-dimensional (3-D) mesh required is generated based on a two-dimensional (2-D) hybrid mesh on a horizontal plane and its extension in the vertical direction. The hybrid mesh is generated by combining an unstructured grid away from cylinders and two structured grids near the cylinder and the artificial boundary. The fluid velocity on the free surface and the cylinder surface are calculated by using a differential method. Results for various configurations including the cases of two cylinders and four cylinders and a group of eighteen cylinders are obtained to show the joint influences of cylinders on the first- and second-order waves and forces, including the effects of spacing ratios and wave frequency on the second order waves and the mean force, in particular. © 2013 Publishing House for Journal of Hydrodynamics.
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