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Fair trade intermediaries and social accounting: The case of Assisi Organics

Darryl Reed, Manjula Cherkil, John-Justin Mcmurtry,
Published in University of Toronto Press
Pages: 57 - 84

Recentworkhas highlightedthe importanceof socialaccounting(SA)for socialeconomy(SE) actorsin a rangeof sectors.AnotherrealmofSE activityinto whichSA couldbe fruitfullyextendedis certifiedfairtrade(FT) products.The adoptionof SA by individualFT organizationswouldseemto be a relativelystraightforwardtask, althoughit wouldprobablyhaveto involvea rangeof toolstargetedat differentstake-holdergroups.FT, however,is a complexpracticethat is characterizedmoreby the relationshipsbetweenorganizationsthan just the activi-ties of singleorganizations.The moreinvolvedtheserelationshipsget,especiallyas valuechainsbecomelonger,the morecomplicatedit be-comesto incorporateSA into FT, especiallywith relationto actorsinthe middleof the chains.This chapterexaminesthe case of one suchFT intermediary,AssisiOrganics,a garmentmanufacturerin the Indiastate of TamilNadu,and highlightsthe challengesand importanceofincorporatingthe role of such intermediariesin the analysisof the re-alizationof socialvalueaddedin FT valuechains.The chapterbeginswith an extendedintroductionto the practiceof FT beforegoingon toexaminethe particularproblemsof socialaccountingthat arise amongintermediariesinFTvaluechains.

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Published in University of Toronto Press
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