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Experimental investigation of pseudospark generated electron beam
N. Kumar, D.K. Verma, , M. Kumar, B.L. Meena, M.S. Tyagi, V. Srivastava, U.N. Pal
Published in Institute of Physics Publishing
Volume: 390
Issue: 1
The pseudospark (PS) discharge is, however, more recently recognized as a different type of discharge which is capable of generating electron beams with the highest combined current density and brightness of any known type of electron source. PS discharge is a specific type of gas discharge, which operates on the left-hand side of the hollow cathode analogy to the Paschen curve with axially symmetric parallel electrodes and central holes on the electrodes. The PS discharge generated electron beam has tremendous applications in plasma filled microwave sources where normal material cathode cannot be used. Analysis of the electron beam profile has been carried out experimentally for different applied voltages. The investigation has been done at different axial and radial location inside the drift tube in argon atmosphere. This paper represents experimentally derived axial and radial variation of the beam current inside the plasma filled drift tube of PS discharge based plasma cathode electron (PCE) gun. With the help of current density estimation the focusing and defocusing point of electron beam in axial direction can be analyzed. It has been further confirmed the successful propagation of electron beam in confined manner without any assistance of external magnetic field.
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Published in Institute of Physics Publishing
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