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Estimation of MPP of a Double Diode Model PV Module from Explicit I-V Characteristic
Kumar S., , Nayak S.K.
Published in Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
Volume: 66
Issue: 9
Pages: 7032 - 7042
This paper presents a novel approach for the conversion of an implicit current-voltage (I-V) expression of a double diode model (DDM) photovoltaic (PV) module to an explicit expression of current in terms of voltage. A new method is proposed for the estimation of maximum power point (MPP) of a DDM PV module using the explicit I-V expression of a PV module under uniform irradiance condition. Further, a new mathematical model of a partially shaded PV array is developed using the proposed explicit expression. Since the explicit I-V expression is used for the estimation of MPP of a DDM PV module under uniform and nonuniform irradiance conditions, the estimation of MPP is simple, accurate, and efficient. The accuracy of the explicit expression is verified considering three different PV modules. A comparison of MPP of a DDM PV module extracted using the proposed method with different existing methods under different environmental conditions (DECs) is presented. The results obtained using the proposed method are validated with the experimental results under DEC. Also, the accuracy of the estimated global MPP of a PV array under partial shading conditions is verified. © 1982-2012 IEEE.
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Published in Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
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