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Eigenvalue analysis for investigation of tilting of transformer winding conductors under axial short-circuit forces
, S.V. Kulkarni
Published in
Volume: 26
Issue: 4
Pages: 2505 - 2512
The tilting phenomenon may lead to a catastrophic failure, such as an interturn fault in transformers, under the action of axial short-circuit electromagnetic forces. In this paper, first, a state-space approach has been used to determine the eigenvalues of various winding configurations used in practice by assuming a small value of tilt angle up to 10°. These eigenvalues decide the critical tilting forces and the natural frequencies of windings. The four cases involving disk, layer, helical windings (all these with strip conductor), and layer winding with continuously transposed cable conductor have been analyzed. Further, initial critical tilt angles are determined for various magnitudes of the axial force in a typical 5-MVA transformer. © 2011 IEEE.
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