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Effect of various parameters on electromagnetic shielding effectiveness of textile fabrics
A. Das, V.K. Kothari, A. Kothari, A. Kumar,
Published in
Volume: 34
Issue: 2
Pages: 144 - 148
The effect of material type, yarn count, pick density, type of mordant and layers of fabrics on the electromagnetic shielding properties of textile materials has been studied. The shielding effectiveness of the fabric is measured by estimating the insertion loss incurred to the signal when the sample is placed in the path of the signal at the frequency range 100 MHz-3 GHz inside the coaxial transmission holder. There are some effects of type of material, yarn count, number of fabric layers and type of mordant on electromagnetic shielding effectiveness. But the number of apertures and thread density do not have significant effect on electromagnetic shielding effectiveness, particularly in case of metallic sheets.
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