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Effect of soil texture and moisture on seedling root rot of Dalbergia sissoo and its control.
Kaushik C J, Singh Ajit,
Published in
Pages: 209 - 216
Amongst soil-borne diseases of Dalbergia sissoo, damping-off and root rot caused by Fusarium solani f.sp. dalbergiae brings about heavy losses in nurseries. More than 70% loss under natural conditions was recorded during 1991 and 1992 in nurseries in Haryana State, India. In pot experiment, soils with high clay content and less pore space favoured high disease incidence causing 88.9% seedling mortality. Maximum disease incidence of 87.7% was recorded in wet loam soil. Out of the eight fungicides tested against Fusarium solani f.sp. dalbergiae in in vitro and in vivo, Bavistin [carbendazim] and Captaf [captan] proved to be very effective. In soils amended with crop residues and such as bean straw and saw dust, minimum casualty was recorded.
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