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Effect of drag-reducing agent on slug characteristics in multiphase flow in inclined pipes
C. Kang, W.P. Jepson,
Published in
Volume: 121
Issue: 2
Pages: 86 - 90
The effect of drag-reducing agent (DRA) on multiphase flow in upward and downward inclined pipes has been studied. The effect of DRA on pressure drop and slug characteristics such as slug translational velocity, the height of the liquid film, slug frequency, and Froude number have been determined. Experiments were performed in 10-cm i.d., 18-m long plexiglass pipes at inclinations of 2 and 15 degfor 50 percent oil-50 percent water-gas. The DRA effect was examined for concentrations ranging from 0 to 50 ppm. Studies were done for superficial liquid velocities between 0.5 and 3 mJs and superficial gas velocities between 2 and 10 m/s. The results indicate that the DRA was effective in reducing the pressure drop for both upflow and downflow in inclined pipes. Pressure gradient reduction of up to 92 percent for stratified flow with a concentration of 50 ppm DRA was achieved in 2 deg downward inclined flow. The effectiveness of DRA for slug flow was 67 percent at a superficial liquid velocity of 0.5 m/s and superficial gas velocity of 2 m/s in 15 deg upward inclined pipes. Slug translational velocity does not change with DRA concentrations. The slug frequency decreases from 68 to 54 slugs/min at superficial liquid velocity of 1 m/s and superficial gas velocity of 4 m/s in 15 deg upward inclined pipes as the concentration of 50 ppm was added. The height of the liquid film decreased with the addition of DRA, which leads to an increase in Froude number. © 1999 by ASME.
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