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Contactless Ultra-Fast Laser Probing of Radiation-Induced Leakage Current in Ultra-Thin Oxides
R. Pasternak, , Y.V. Shirokaya, B.K. Choi, Z. Marka, J.K. Miller, R.G. Albridge, S.N. Rashkeev, S.T. Pantelides, R.D. SchrimpfShow More
Published in
Volume: 50
Issue: 6 I
Pages: 1929 - 1933
Radiation induced leakage current in a variable-thickness SiO 2-on-Si structure (1.0-6.5 nm) is detected and characterized by a novel technique, time-dependent electric field-induced second-harmonic generation (EFISH). The role of second-harmonic generation (SHG) for in situ monitoring of the DC field across the oxide and its utility in understanding the dynamics of the carriers in response to their photo-injection is discussed. Plausible mechanisms responsible for radiation-induced leakage current through thin oxides are used to explain the experimental results.
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