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Constraint on universal extra dimensions from scalar boson searches
T. Kakuda, , K.-Y. Oda, R. Watanabe
Published in ARISF
Pages: 535 - 538
We show the bounds on five- and six-dimensional Universal Extra Dimension models from the result of the Higgs boson searches at the Large Hadron Collider and electroweak precision measurement. The latest data released by the ATLAS and the CMS gives the lower bounds on Kaluza-Klein scale which are from 650 GeV to 1350 GeV depending on models from Higgs to diboson/diphoton decay signal. The Higgs production cross section can be enhanced by factor 1.5 in crude estimation, diphoton decay signal is suppressed about 10%. Electroweak precision measurement also gives the lower bounds as from 700 GeV to 1500 GeV. This is a proceedings of the conference "Rencontres de Moriond EW 2013". © EW 2013.
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Published in ARISF
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