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Comparison of the room temperature 1.53 μm Er photoluminescence from flash lamp and furnace annealed Er-doped Ge-rich SiO2 layers
, S. Prucnal, L. Rebohle, M. Voelskow, M. Helm, W. Skorupa
Published in
Volume: 107
Issue: 11
The furnace and flash-lamp annealing (FLA) temperature dependent variation in the room temperature 1.53 μm Er photoluminescence (PL) from Er-doped Ge-rich SiO2 layers is investigated. The appearance of the 1.53 μm Er PL is discussed in the framework of the phonon-assisted fluorescent resonant energy transfer from Ge-related luminescence-centers (LCs) to the Er 3+. Detailed analyses suggest that in case of FLA the decrease in the 1.53 μm Er PL intensity is governed by the temperature dependent recrystallization of Ge nanoclusters, while for furnace-annealing it is associated with the reduction in the LC- Er3+ coupling due to Ge out-diffusion and the formation of Er-rich clusters with increasing temperature. © 2010 American Institute of Physics.
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