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Compact Wideband H-Shaped Slot Antenna for Sub-THz Applications
Jyothishree Pillai, Deepak Yadav, , Naveen Babu,
Published in IEEE
Pages: 1 - 6

In this manuscript a compact wide band antenna for sub-THz application is proposed. The antenna is designed on a polyimide substrate using graphene as conducting patch and ground. The antenna has an extremely small overall dimension of 1000μm×1000μm. The proposed H-shaped slot antenna has center frequency 0.57THz and other resonances at 0.465THz, 0.58THz & 0.654THz. The proposed design exhibits good impedance matching as well as large bandwidth of 230GHz (40.35%). The simulation result shows that the proposed antenna has maximum gain and efficiency of 8.58dBi and 95.5% at 0.465THz. This antenna is suitable for applications like 6G technology.

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Published in IEEE
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