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Co-operative farming: a case study of the Gambhira Collective Farming Society, Institute of Rural Management, Anand
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The study of successful working of Gambhira Collective Farming Society located near Anand, Gujarat, since 1953, is the basis of the paper. The objectives of the study are to (a) examine and analyse the systems, processes and working of a collective and (b) Study the impact of a collective on its members and the community. The Co-operative Farming Concept is explained along with details of working of the Society. The pattern of group formation and land distribution as well as income distribution is elaborated. Factors behind the sustenance of the Gambhira Collective are identified. The society has helped improve economic and social status of the members. It also extended help to their communities by funding village development project like building roads, water tanks etc. It is suggested that proper implementation of the Co-operative farming movement can help overcome problems of small and marginal Indian farmers in distress.
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